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Depression is often described as a dark cloud or a black dog which follows you and it is always present. It is more than sadness or feeling down and it may show up as feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, sometimes teary and sometimes numb. You might have completely lost interest in the things that used to give you pleasure and find your motivation to do things you used to do with ease just isn’t there. Sleeping may be hard for you or maybe you can’t get out of bed.  Your eating habits may have changed and your body might be in pain. We will work together to understand your symptoms, their severity, and develop a plan together to regain your sense of vitality.   You will be assured that these symptoms are real and that you are not just “weak or lazy”.  I will support you sensing in to the sensations you feel and notice your self-talk and how these all contribute to the dark cloud of depression. Gaining this internal awareness will assist us in broadening your coping strategies so you can begin to feel more hope and begin enjoying life again.

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