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Anxiety can be an effective “alarm system” our body uses to tell us we are in danger. This “fight-flight-freeze” response can be useful when being chased by a bear or a rouge dinosaur but being on high alert all day every day can be exhausting. People’s symptoms when anxious may vary from raised heartrate, shallow breathing, sweaty palms, tingling and numbness, increased environmental sensitivity all the way to anger, tears, and complete shutdown. Life throws a lot of responsibility and challenges our way and sometimes it seems like we don’t have the tools or skills to cope and that life these days is full of unpredictable danger. Together we can assess how you are currently coping, and learn new strategies for coping in the future. We will work on getting to know how your body reacts to stress and learn to see these sensations as a que that you are experiencing stress.  Then learn to move through the experience of these sensations and hopefully lessen the intensity of them so they do not become overwhelming.

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